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Giles from YouTheDaddy faces some awkward questions after the big announcement

Daddy blogger YouTheDaddy on how to tell your parents you are pregnant and how to cope with the embarrassing questions...

We’re nearing the end of week 10 of our pregnancy and, being the terrible secret keepers that we are, my wife and I decided that we couldn’t hold back our exciting news from our parents any longer.

Unfortunately we were wholly unprepared for the barrage of embarrassing questions that it would prompt…

Here’s what happened;

After deciding to tell both sets of parents our baby news, we agreed to avoid any elaborate over-dramatic performance in favour of the ‘quick and painless’ approach, over lunch. Sort of like ripping off a plaster.

‘Yeah, we’re all good. Work’s been really hectic this week… Had fun at a friend’s 30th birthday party last night… Currently trying to plan a mini-break in Europe for May, and oh yeah, we’re having a baby.’

Reactions were unsurprising from my folks, with my old dad tapping me on the shoulder repeating, ‘Well done, well done, well done,’ in his usual understated but lovely way, while my mum squealed with delight before jumping in there early, generous as ever, to say, ‘We’ll buy you the pram’.

However the response from my wife’s family, while of course equally excitable, was somewhat more unexpected and personal in nature…

‘So, when did you do the deed?’

Seeing us struggling to respond, since sex isn’t the usual topic of conversation over a family roast, they subtly switched tack:

‘Don’t worry, if you know the due date, we can just work backwards from there.’ 

*Awkward levels rising*

‘21 September’, we say, reluctantly.

It’s at this moment that it dawns on them that the ‘deed’ wasn’t ‘done’ on some romantic New Year getaway but rather a little closer to home… at their home to be exact. Almost certainly. While staying with them over Christmas.

A moment of uncomfortable silence ensued, with the whole table casting their mind back to the weekend in question: our longer-than-normal lie-ins, and the Sunday walks we uncharacteristically decided to skip…

‘Anyone for seconds?' asks her mum.


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