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Catie Wilkins hates football herself, but this is why her little girl goes...

I am the least sporty person ever. I lack coordination, hate competitiveness and get bored watching things that don’t contain jokes. If I had to rank sports in the order of which ones I hate the most to the least, football would probably be my number one hate spot.

So in many ways, it was an odd choice to enrol my toddler in Little Kickers football lessons.

I guess we’ll just have to conclude that I’m a magnanimous person who doesn’t want to force their child only to like the things I like. (She’s too young for gin anyway). Also my friend recommend it and I was inspired by the CBeebies show ‘Footy Pups’ with Rachel Yankey. I make a lot of decisions based on what I just saw on TV. It is the one thing I have in common with Donald Trump.

Out of all my TV-based decisions it is definitely the one I am most happy with. (To be fair I should have known that the tweezers-mirror that lights up was pointless).

Little Kickers is and has been absolutely incredible. The coaches are so kind, patient and passionate about sport, it can’t help but rub off on you.

My daughter learns all kinds of skills, from body parts in the ‘warm up’ where they wake up their ‘listening ears’; to colours, as they run round obstacle courses, picking up cones; to the actual skills of football such as kicking (as I understand it). As I’ve said – I’m not an expert on football, but that definitely seems integral.

I love watching my daughter having fun, growing in confidence, mastering new skills, making new friends, sometimes distracting her new friends by tickling them, getting the whistle blown at her, then playing more team-building games.

When we first went, my only reservation about it was, ‘Do I really want my unique little free spirit to learn to obey a whistle?’ And now I’m like, ‘Damnnn, I wish I had a whistle at home.’

But what I’m really saying is, the love of sports is infectious at Little Kickers. I totally see the point of it now, and I can’t recommend it enough.