Beautiful Pregnant Body Box - Step 2
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Step 2- Total Nurture.
Designed to help address and soothe pregnancy niggles such as swollen ankles, dry skin and stretch-marks, our Beautiful Pregnant Body Box contains especially formulated organic skincare products to deliver pure and gentle care as your body changes. Using aromatherapy blends of specific organic essential oils, these products are deigned to nourish your body and soothe your mind.
Natalia skincare sets are free from artificial additives and animal ingredients and are made from sustainable or recyclable materials.

Includes: Prenatal Anti-Stretch Butter (30ml), Prenatal Leg Refresher (60ml), Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub (60ml), Organic Ultra soft Cotton Flannel (ideals for skincare and baths) and Step By Step Pregnancy and Labour Massage Guide (full colour booklet).