Father's Day curing kits

Whether he's a bacon butty man or a smoked salmon scrambled egg kind of guy, these fab home curing kits make a brilliant Father's Day gift. Each kit contains 3 curing mixes (original, sweet and smoky or Old English, Cotswold Chorizo, British BBQ bacon, & Gin, Smoky & Beetroot curing salt for salmon) and all the bits and bobs you'll need to cure your own pork or fish.

Free delivery on orders over £50. Bacon kits contain: 3 x curing mixes. 3 x curing bags. 1 x muslin. 12 x plastic gloves. 1 x butchers hook. Easy-to-follow instructions. These kit do not include pork. Salmon kit contains: 3 x curing salt mixes. Curing bags x 3. Plastic gloves. Instructions booklet. This kit does not contain salmon.